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October 9, 2013
Category: Detergents & Intermediates | Pigments | Corporate News | Functional Minerals

Clariant unites cleansing with sustainability at SEPAWA 2013

Muttenz, October 9, 2013 – Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, unites sustainability with innovation and trends in its solutions for the surfactants and cosmetics markets at SEPAWA 2013 – the 60th SEPAWA Congress and European Detergents Conference in Fulda, Germany from October 9 – 11, 2013 (Booth 658 – 660).

Experts from across Clariant’s business units will come together to demonstrate innovative possibilities for the Home, Fabric & Personal Care, and Cleaning Product industries to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve the environmental compatibility of end applications. Clariant’s customer-focused and consumer-oriented approach creates new ingredients, formulation concepts and services centered on the key trends and preferences driving the various segments. For example, addressing demands for excellent performance at lower wash temperatures in the detergent sector, or the trend toward more natural ingredients and fewer chemicals in cosmetics.

Clariant will present its innovations under the banners “We Care About Home” – its new business model for surface solutions, and “Uncover the Secret Code of Beauty” – its exciting new concept of products and services for the Personal Care sector. Visitors can dig deeper into technical details behind several of the new developments during the conference sessions. Product highlights at the Clariant Booth include:

Laundry Detergent powders:


“The perfect viscosity for your dishwashing liquids” will be presented by Clariant on 10 October from 09.45 – 10.00hrs in Room 2.


Dr. Tom Fricke presents “Minimally invasive preservation – big effect with low concentrations” on October 9, from 11.15-11.30hrs in Room 2.

Eye-catching cleaning products:


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